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Avoid osteoporosis, get stronger bones, muscles & more!

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The Problem:


Worldwide, every 3 seconds someone experiences a fracture as a result of osteoporosis.

1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men aged over 50 will experience osteoporosis related fractures in their lifetime.

This doesn't have to be you!

The Solution:

Strength Training

Studies show strength training and exercise over time can help prevent bone loss and even help build new bone. 

Protecting you from unnecessary breaks and preventing osteoporosis.

At 60+ Strong we provide online exercise classes designed specifically for over 60’s that will help you build strength in your body and bones.

Our classes are easy to follow, offer a lot of variety and are highly effective.

Available Anytime, Anywhere.

By exercising with me you’ll:

Avoid the big O

Increase your bone density and prevent osteoporosis.

Stop wasting away

Stop your muscles from degenerating as you grow older.

Boost your energy

Increase your energy levels and get more done each day.

Lose Weight

With a good diet, my classes will help you shed kilos.

Feel Great

Do great things for your mind and body.

Reduce Risks

Lower your chances of getting life-altering diseases.

See what My Clients Say:

“Markesha’s fitness classes are well structured, well balanced, change frequently to keep interest and above all they are fun.”

– Jackie, Client for 6 Years

“I have been attending (her) classes for some time and have found Markesha to be a competent, friendly and effective trainer. I have gained a lot from the sessions and have noticed the improvement in my fitness. I am 74 years old.”

– Peter, Client for 5 Years

“I joined the strengthening classes led by Markesha in 2016, June. The start was hard, I was unfit and lacked confidence. Fast forward to 2020 and I am fitter than I was 10 years ago! I walk easily, up to 20 km in one day. My balance has increased. Body strength as well.”

– Maria, Client for 5 Years

“I have been a participant in Markesha’s strengthening classes for over sixties for several years. Markesha is a committed and extremely competent teacher. Her lessons are very well structured and carefully pitched to the individual needs of the participants. They are also very enjoyable and they work! They do make you stronger! I highly recommend the programme.”

– Anne, Client for 6 Years

Meet Markesha

Your Trainer

Markesha Hartshorn has been working with over 60’s for more than 5 years now. During that time she has seen the tremendous benefit strength training can have in older adults. 

She specialises in strengthening exercises designed for over 60’s and aims to help her clients build functional strength.

A fully qualified personal trainer, Markesha has had the pleasure of helping many clients maintain and improve their quality of life by finding strength in the best years of their lives.

She hopes she can help you find this too.

Variety In Training

Our weekly classes always offer a lot of variety. Whether it’s the style of training or the affordable equipment used, we are always changing things up.

Classes With and Without Music

You can choose to do your classes with or without music. Whether you have hearing problems and want to clearly hear my instructions or you just want to put your own music on, this option is designed for you.

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2x Follow-Along Exercise Classes Per Week

You’ll gain immediate access to over 60 follow-along exercise videos ranging anywhere from 30-60 minutes duration.

Each week I upload two new workouts, aiming to give you variety in your exercise routine. We’ll do strength training, cardio, core work and much more.

I normally charge $10 per class, but you get unrestricted access as a 60+ Strong member.

5-Week Beginners Strengthening Program

Are you new to strength training? If so, I created this 5-Week program to help you build foundational strength and take the first step in your journey.

Over this 5 weeks, you’ll see your strength increase, balance and mobility improve all through the use of low-impact exercises.

You will receive both a print-out PDF guide and follow-along videos to walk you through each week.

10-Week Intermediate Strengthening Program

Looking to take the next step in your health and fitness journey? My Intermediate 10-Week program will help you build even more strength and confidence.

Over this 10 weeks, you’ll see further strength increases, balance and mobility improvements and a boost in your energy.

You will receive both a print-out PDF guide and follow-along videos to walk you through each week.

10-Week Advanced Strengthening Program

Want to be able to partake in advanced classes? The Advanced 10-Week program will help you get to an advanced fitness level. You’ll become a master of the weights.

Over this 10 weeks, you’ll be working towards building an advanced level of fitness. You’ll be the strongest you’ve been in years and you will look and feel great!

You will receive both a print-out PDF guide and follow-along videos to walk you through each week.

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