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Lost Your Password

We all have so many passwords to remember these days, so it’s understandable when we forget one.

If you’ve forgot your 60+ Strong account password, simply navigate to the login page and once there click the “Lost your password” button at the end of the login form. 

Enter your accounts username or email address and click “reset password.”

Note: If you can’t remember your email address, or you think you’ve entered the wrong one please contact us through the support form above.

Submitting the forgot password form should send you a password rest link to your email address. Check your inbox and spam folder for this email. It should look like this:

If you don’t get an email within an hour please contact us through the form above.

Follow the link in this email and set your new password.

Update Your Payment Information

Got a new credit card? Or want to switch to PayPal? 

There are two different ways to this depending on what your preferred payment method is.

1. Change your credit card

Changing your credit card is as easy as visiting the “my account” page and then clicking the button that says “payment details.”

You will then see the current credit card that is attached to your account. You can either “delete” that card and “add a new payment method” if you have a different card you would like to use.

Just simply enter your new card details and click “Add payment method.”

2. Change from Credit Card to PayPal

Changing your payment method from credit card to PayPal is as easy as first visiting the “my account” page and then clicking the button that says “view/cancel subscription.”

You will see your current active subscription with the payment method attached. Click the “view” button.

Then click the “Change Payment” button.

All you have to do now is select the PayPal option and click “change payment method” you will then be taken to to complete the process.

Change Your Membership Type

On a monthly plan, but want to change to a yearly plan and save some money?

To change from one membership type to another, you’ll first need to cancel your current membership. Read this to learn how to do that.

Then visit the “sign-up page,” and sign up to the membership plan of your choice. You don’t need to create a new account, you can use the same details by logging in at the checkout.

Best of all, you’ll get another free 30 day trial when you change plans (this only happens once per account).

How to Cancel Your Membership

If you want to cancel your account we completely understand, although it’s sad to see you go…

Just visit the “my account” page and click the button that says “view/cancel subscription.”

Then just click the “view” button on your current active subscription.

Then just click the “cancel button” and that’s it. You won’t be charged again.

You will still have access to the premium 60+ Strong content for the remainder of your subscription (so if you’ve payed for a yearly subscription and cancel after 8 months, you’ll still have access for 4 more months).